The national economy and the stable, sustained and rapid development of high and new technology, prompting aluminum smelting and aluminum industry development in our country is very rapid. China's aluminium processing about 300 kinds of alloy, 1500 varieties, is one of the most abundant varieties of products in the world. In numerous aluminum processing material varieties, emerged a large number of international advanced products and the national famous brand product, represents the mainstream of our country's modern aluminum processing technology development and application direction.

    In recent years, the domestic aluminum industry is developing rapidly, output and consumption, has now become the world's largest production base of aluminum and the consumer market.

    According to relevant organizations, China in November 1, 2014, about 2.345 million tons of aluminum production in north China, east China area of about 16.95 million tons, in southern China about 7.249 million tons of southwest, central China area of about 10.725 million tons, 2.888 million tons, the northwest region of about 2.492 million tons, the northeast area of about 1.395 million tons, as of November 2014 reached more than 4400, ten thousand tons of aluminum production in China, up 18.91% from a year earlier. In addition to production in south China fell slightly over the previous year, other areas tend to rose. Thus it can be seen that the market, the demand for aluminium is quite big, aluminum broad prospects in the future.

    Is the development trend of aluminum industry in China in 2015 is expected to won't have too big change the number and scale, production capacity and production also was in stable state, and product variety will increase, the product quality will be more excellence, higher value-added products, more energy conservation and environmental protection.

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