To strengthen the cooperation and exchange of upstream and downstream enterprises, the expanded aluminum alloy construction template applied in the field of building construction, guide the healthy development of aluminum alloy construction template, November 8, 2015, shanxi xu navigation environmental protection new materials co., LTD. Held in taiyuan city jin temple town of aluminum template component product display rallies. Shanxi provincial, municipal real estate developers, including build, China railway, and city to build each big, medium-sized enterprises representative, the project manager and related technical personnel more than 200 people to come to the exhibition, and on how to promote aluminum template and expand the application in the field of construction, boosting the whole aluminum industry transformation and upgrading has carried on the deep discussion and communication.


    Building is supported by aluminum or aluminum plate, aluminum template system, fastening systems and accessories. Template system concrete structure construction the closed surface, ensure that the structure when the concrete casting molding; Attachment system for template connection components, make odd template connected into a system, component as a whole; Support system supporting role in the process of concrete structure construction, guarantee of the floor, the bottom of the beam and cantilever structure support firm; Fastening systems is to ensure that the template molding, the structure, width, size does not produce distortion in the process of pouring concrete, template does not appear up mold, mold phenomenon. Shanxi xu navigation environmental protection new materials co., LTD., specializing in the production of aluminum template, building templates, aluminum template building system, has the following advantages:


    1. The construction period is short


    Aluminum alloy construction formwork system for quick release system. 24 hours after pouring concrete removable wall column template, 36 hours later can dismantle beam side templates, 48 hours can dismantle beam bottom and bottom template (bearing), 12 days after the demolition of bottom bearing pillar, 14 days after the demolition of beam end of bearing support, 28 days after the demolition of cantilever support. A set of aluminum alloy template normal construction layer can be up to three or four days, greatly save the management cost of unit construction.


    2. The number of repeated use, the average cost


    Aluminum alloy construction template system adopts the whole aluminum profile extrusion forming of do raw materials (6063 - T6 and 6061 - T6), processed into project need various size specifications of the aluminum alloy template. A set of recycled aluminum template specification construction about 150 times, average usage cost is low.


    3. The construction is convenient and efficient


    Aluminum alloy construction template system assembly is simple, convenient, and the average weight of 25 kg/m2, completely by artificial assembly, need no help from any mechanical equipment, construction workers are usually only need a small hook, a small hammer, convenient and quick), the installation of skilled workers per person per day can be installed 20 m2-30 m2 (compared with wooden, aluminum mold installation workers only need to block the installation time of 70% 80%, and there's no need to skilled workers, just before the installation simple construction personnel training).


    4. Good stability, high bearing capacity


    Aluminum alloy construction aluminum template is used for all parts of the template system assembly, system assembly, after the completion of formed a whole framework, and good stability. Reasonable arrangement of weighing pillar, bearing capacity can reach 30 kn per square metre.


    5. Wide application range, high recovery value


    Aluminum alloy construction template is suitable for the walls, columns, beams, horizontal template, stairs, window sills, floating position such as counter to use. Aluminum alloy template scrap, when waste treatment salvage value is high, the capitation cost advantage is obvious.


    6. Concrete surface effect after ripping


    Aluminum alloy construction template after pouring concrete, concrete surface after dismantling templates quality is bright and clean level off, can basically meet the requirements of finishes and concrete, the need for batch, batch landed cost can be saved.


    7. The convenient management


    Aluminum alloy construction template in the system all accessories are reusable, aluminum formwork construction and removed after the completion of the installation is complete, the scene without any garbage, construction environment safe, clean and neat.


    8. Standard, versatility, low carbon emissions


    Aluminum alloy construction template size, according to different specification template assembling project. When using a template is applied to the new building project, only need to replace 20% of standard size specifications of the template, effectively reduce the cost. Aluminum alloy construction template system all materials are renewable materials, conform to the state of construction energy conservation, environmental protection, low carbon, emissions regulations. Many developed countries have stipulated building projects to stop using wooden template construction, need to use the template of renewable materials.


    9. Support system is convenient


    Traditional wooden template construction method in the floor, platform, etc. Use full framing construction technology of ordinary, work fee, no operation space.

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