Industrial aluminum is a kind of aluminum as the main composition of the alloy material, the aluminum rod is hot melt, cross section shape of aluminum extrusion for differences, the size of the application in general, industrial aluminum refers to besides building doors and Windows, curtain wall, indoor and outdoor decoration and building structure with all aluminum extrusions.

    With China's massive infrastructure investment and the rapid advance of industrialization process, the aluminum industry's rapid growth in output and consumption, and China has become the world's largest aluminum production base and the consumer market. After nearly a decade of tell development, China's aluminum industry entered a new stage of development, and the appearance of many new development trend. Because our country at the stage of middle industrialization, the industrial aluminum accessories main consumption for construction industry, industrial aluminum parts of all aluminum consumption ratio is much lower than the developed countries. Along with the advancement of China's industrialization process, transportation, electronics and other industries demand for industrial aluminum parts must be on the rise trend.

    Industrial aluminium profile is mostly according to user's existing demand to develop, some industry development ability is strong, such as rail vehicle manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, industrial aluminum use scope is extremely broad, strong commonality, it with environmental protection, the assembly disassembly is famous for its characteristics of convenient, save time and money. Industrial aluminum many varieties, specifications complete, suitable for all types of machinery; Without welding, adjustment convenient, easy to change the structure size, high standard strict size tolerance, surface finish; The assembly work convenient and quick, productivity is high and the surface anodic oxidation treatment, anti-corrosion, avoid spraying, beautiful and easy, can improve the additional value of products.

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