Aluminum processing is an important part of the China non-ferrous metal industry. After years of rapid development, China has become the world's largest aluminium producer and consumer, comprehensive strength enhanced obviously. In 2014, China has reached 48.45 million tons of aluminum processing material production, year-on-year growth of 18.6%, more than 50% of the world production of aluminum processing material, this year 1 ~ 8 month, aluminum production 33.52 million tons, up 9.1%; 1 ~ 7 in aluminum processing industry profits of 29.2 billion yuan, accounting for the industry (excluding gold) 39% of the total amount of profits. In large-scale extrusion in terms of equipment, materials, strip, such as finishing equipment has reached world leading level. Energy conservation and environmental protection of smelting casting equipment. In terms of structural adjustment, relying on the electrolytic aluminum production base directly using the short process of liquid aluminum aluminum processing capacity continue to improve, can use packaging materials, high-grade heat sink materials, high-grade CTP base material have been completely meet the demand of domestic market and exports, large transport for China's high-speed rail with aluminum become China's high-end manufacturing business CARDS made an important contribution, aviation, automotive aluminum development made positive progress. But also should see, insufficient r&d investment in China aluminum processing, alloy composition and processing technology of numerical simulation, intelligent control level is a big gap with foreign advanced level, the aviation aluminum, passenger cars, aluminum and other high-end product development ability is weak, product quality is not stable, the production cost is high. Some companies can afford the first-class equipment, produce the first-class products. Serious product homogeneity, the market competition is intense, the international market in many countries of the "double reverse" survey and sanctions.

    At present, the domestic and international macroeconomic situation is complex, the downward pressure of economic operation, especially the difficulties of industrial field. 1 to August this year, the industrial added value growth of 6.3% year-on-year, fell 2.2% year on year, growth has become the current face of the most important work. To realize the contradiction of the party central committee put forward the target, on May 19, 2015, the state council officially issued by the "2025" made in China. "Made in China 2025" from the national strategic level for the first time put forward by the "three steps" manufacturing powerhouse strategic target, and implement the strategy of manufacturing powerhouse in China the first decade of the programme of action, to comply with the "new normal" and the current way of steady growth, structural adjustment and transfer all have important guiding significance. "Made in China 2025" nine big strategic task, ten key areas and five major projects, the new material is one of the key areas, and clearly put forward to speed up the development of high performance light alloy material. Aluminum processing industry in accordance with the requirements for the overall goal of building manufacturing powerhouse, continue to expand consumption in the field of traditional at the same time, accelerate the technical innovation and structural adjustment, to meet the demand of high-end equipment manufacturing industry as soon as possible, should also actively explore in the new energy vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles, robots, such as new areas of demand, to achieve synchronous growth quality, efficiency and speed.

    Ministry of raw materials as the non-ferrous metal industry management department, always attaches great importance to the development of aluminum processing industry, through a strong industrial base, technical renovation, fund for the special material for high performance aluminum deep processing project such as the key support, at the same time, in conjunction with the association actively promote aluminum consumption in electricity, construction, transportation and other areas, has successively held the copper aluminum composite material application field type, transportation aluminum for application, aviation aluminum, symposium set up aviation aluminum upstream and downstream cooperation mechanism, September 15 founding conference held in Shanghai cooperation mechanism. At present, aluminum alloy semi-trailer, tank car can enjoy recommended transportation energy conservation and emissions reduction, road to jilt hang transport vehicles, car reduction policy support, such as the broken bridge aluminum alloy, the color template is listed as green building materials such as aluminum, aluminum alloy products. In the next period, miit will focus on the following work:

    1 improve industry management policies

    Formulation of the non-ferrous metals industry "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" development plan "and the much starker choices-and graver consequences-in aluminum industry development guidance," much starker choices-and graver consequences-in "during China's economy has entered a rapid growth of the new normal, development environment, new changes have taken place in the tasks, requirements, to meet the new normal, to adapt to the new normal, leading the new normal, focused on maintaining economic growth initiatives and measures, to the end to our preliminary construction as much starker choices-and graver consequences-in non-ferrous metals industrial powers, which improve the level of aluminum deep processing will be implementation power of one of the important symbol. Encourage the development of the mixed ownership, give full play to private companies operating mechanism of flexible and efficient operation system and state-owned capital and talent advantages, stimulate the enterprise vitality.

    2 continue to support the development of high-end aluminum

    We will continue to implement and aluminum processing industry is closely related to the technical reform, strengthening the engineering and new materials and other major projects, increase aviation aluminum, car plate in key areas such as directional continued support, for the material development, technology innovation, quality control, intelligent production aspects of making substantive breakthrough. Study aluminum cleaning maintenance, corrosion control of contact and friction stir welding in miniaturization, laptop repair welding technology application technology, such as improving the capacity of aluminum application service.

    3 expanded aluminum processing new applications

    Vigorously promote aluminum light, energy saving, the excellent properties of renewable green products, such as, actively expand aluminum consumption. Actively promote the implementation of the aviation aluminum cooperation mechanism of the key tasks, research organization was founded for aluminum production enterprises, equipment design and manufacturing, the downstream user association, government, etc. Established cooperation mechanism, perfect supporting policies coordination between departments, actively guide enterprise actively participates in the revision model standardization work, promote the standardization of models, lightweight, van, and promote the close collaboration of upstream and downstream.

    4 promote two depth fusion

    Research establish aluminum processing enterprises two fusion standard, guide the aluminum processing enterprises attach great importance to the two fusion, through the intelligent production equipment, process simulation, the production process automation, information management, to eliminate the restriction of high-end aluminum uniformity and stability of product quality. Make full use of the "Internet +", guides the aluminum production enterprises through the electronic commerce, big data and cloud platform, set up efficient and collaborative design of research and development of aluminum platform, the whole life cycle of supply chain management and service, etc., fully response downstream user personalization, maintenance services, such as demand, promote production manufacture to a service-oriented transformation.

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